Please submit your papers as described in the call for papers byMay 1st to Doug Seitz. Mail hard copy to:

  	Doug Seitz	250 Wildwood Road	Elk Grove, IL 60007

or negotiate with him about electronic submission at [email protected]

This document describes what the printed format of the papershould look like.

This means that the text is contained within an 8.9" high by 6"wide rectangle. The paper will be reduced to a little less than 90%of its size above.

Add 1" to top and botton margin and .9" to right and left marginsfor the abstract (if you do one.) So the abstract would fit into a6.9" high by 4.2" wide rectangle (or part of it.)

Center illustrations, and again remember that everything will bereduced by a little more than 10 percent.

Page Numbers should be put outside the rectangle describedabove since the editor will need to renumber papers for inclusion.Please do not refer to items by page number in an article but ratherby section or other means.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

9-22-02 The Chair of ISDC '98regrets that the Procedings have not been published. There is somepossibility that some ISDC '98 papers will be published online in thefuture.

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