Recommended Arrival/DepartureTimes


Q. When should everyone plan to arrive and depart?
Q. Are Thursday the 21st and Monday the 25th "travel days" or arethere conference events on those days too?
Q. What if I can’t make it for the entire conference?
Q. Are there any advantages to arriving early?

Many people have unyielding weekday commitments and have to considertravel options carefully, making some tradeoffs on deciding when toarrive or depart. Some cannot arrive until late on Friday, others notuntil Saturday morning. Many must leave first thing Monday morning.Nonetheless we have a lot of programming to present. ISDC ‘98programming proper begins 9 am Friday morning and will end at 1 or2pm on Monday afternoon.

Thursday is designed as a travel day BUTwe will have things for early arrivals to do. We may have someday-long and afternoon tours available, but no programming proper.Tours - keep in mind that SE Wisconsin has no must-see first classspace attractions. Those driving may want to make stops or detours atthe Crown Space Center in the Museum of Science and Industry inChicago 90 miles to the south, the Mir core module exhibit inWisconsin Dells 115 miles WNW of the city, or the EAA ExperimentalAircraft Museum in Oshkosh 80 miles NNW. For information on these andother “Enroute Attractions”. Ofthese, only an EAA museum coach tour seems practical to us at thispoint, but no decision has been made to offer it as of 12/13/97.There will likely be a city tour or two.

The ISDC Services Desk will have lots of information ondo-it-yourself tours of interest to various people. Milwaukee is amarvelous city and our hotel is right downtown in the middle ofeverything. The museum triplex (MilwaukeePublic Museum rated #5 nationally and #1 in exhibits, James A.Lovell Discovery World, and the IMAX Dome Theater) is just 3 blocksto the west. The famed MitchellPark Domes, a trio of bioshphere like climate controlledtemperate, arid, and subtropical ecosystems is just two miles westand south. There are other museums, art galleries, the governmentbookstore, lots of first class shopping (Grand Avenue Mall, twoblocks via SkyWalk) and a zillion dining choices within a few blocks,plus night spots galore. You will have no trouble filling extra timeon Thursday enjoyably. Unfortunately, Milwaukee being a snowbeltcity, the River Walk just two blocks away doesn’t come aliveuntil River Splash, the weekend following. Bummer!

For you landlocked people, Milwaukee is a major Great Lakes seaportand the Lake Michigan shore, a walkable two miles east, is worth avisit (Milwaukee Art Museum, Betty Brin’s Childrens’Museum, the Schooner Project, Pieces of Eight Restaurant). Theopposite shore (in Michigan) is 85 miles away, and no, you can’tsee it from this side. But you won’t mind. Too many sails, lakefreighters, whitecaps and seagulls in the foreground. City bustickets (and maps) available at the ISDC Services Desk (ticket or$1.35 exact fare needed, transfers good on any bus, any line for nexthour plus).

Back to Thursday. The Exhibit room will be open at 2pm, but only forthose setting up. It may open to the public briefly later in theevening. Thursday evening: beginning at6 pm, we will have a casual mixer program.. There will be a meetingof the Wisconsin Space Business Roundtable, an awards ceremony forwinners of student essay, fiction, and art category competitions, anda reception snack or buffet, possibly with a cash bar, and hopefullywith some VIPs (to be announced later). The video room should beopen. Getting to meet others, discuss mutual interests and possiblejoint projects, is the very soul of the NSS ISDC experience and atISDC ‘98 we are doing everything to maximize this aspect. Thegreat programming is but the body.

Come early, and you’ll find it rewarding. Otherwise come whenyou can and stay as late as you can. Even if you were to miss half,we promise you the rest will be worth the effort, time, and money. Ifyou’re able to be on hand from start to finish, there will be aLOT going on at ISDC. So bring along a half dozen clones and debriefthem slowly, to avoid info overload. We’ll cover Space from allangles and hope to speak to your own personal interests well enoughto keep your cerebral cortex busy. Arrive rested if possible. If thisis your first ISDC, you are in for a big shot in the arm and willwant to come to future ISDCs whenever, and as often as your othercommitments can possibly be shoved aside.

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Milwaukee Weather

This information is provided to help you decide what outerclothing to pack.

Normal Range of Milwaukee Weather May 21st-26th

Mean High Temperatures (Day) upper 60s (usual range50°-85°)
“Cooler near the Lake” includes downtown Milwaukee(likeliest range 55°-75°)
Mean Low Temperatures (Night) upper 40s (usual range40°-55°)
Average rain probability 0.9 inch any given day
Chance of Clear or Partly Clear Skies, any given day, 56%
Chance of wholly Overcast Skies, any given day, 44%
We have placed an order for "sunny skies, low to mid 70s".

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