The ISDC '98 Team
Those who helped puttogether ISDC 98
Those who helped run ISDC 98

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Conference Committee Team at the time of the bid

[From the ISDC '98 vid documents, 1995]

ISDC '98 President: George D. French, Jr., Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • LRS, NSS, WSBR (Wisconsin Space business Roundtable)
  • Wisconsin Delegate to Aerospace States Association
  • President Wisconsin Space Business Roundtable
  • CEO Orde Advertising (Green Bay)

Chair and Programming: Peter Kokh, Milwaukee

  • LRS (cofounder, formerly Secretary), NSS, WSBR
  • Editor: Moon Miners' Manifesto, Harvest Moon (LUNAX), Moonbow (L.A.A.M.P.)
  • Secretary Wisconsin Space Business Roundtable
  • Board member and cofounder: LUNAX (Lunar National Agricultural Experiment Corp.)
  • (formerly Board: NSS Region 6 representative '91-2)
  • Chair: First Contact (I), fall '94, a hybrid Sci-Fi Con - mini SDC, a joint venture of LRS and Milwaukee Science Fiction Services
  • Director: Mission Control Workshops™

Co-Chair and VP Operations: David A. Dunlop, Green Bay

  • Exec. Dir. LUNAX: Lunar National Agricultural Experiment Corp.
  • Board member: Wisconsin Space Business Roundtable

Treasurer: Mark R. Kaehny, Milwaukee

  • LRS (Pres.), NSS
  • Editor Moon Miners' Review
  • Board member and cofounder: LUNAX

Outreach Director: Thomas C. Crabb, Madison

  • President Wisconsin Space Institute
  • Vice-Pres. Wisconsin Space Business Roundtable
  • Vice-Pres. Orbital Technologies Corp.- ORBITEC
  • (formerly Vice-Pres. Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium)

Registration: Charlotte M. Nelson [now Charlotte M. Dupree], Milwaukee

  • LRS, NSS, three local astronomy clubs

Youth Track: Sharon Ryan, Wausau

  • Dreamflight Wausau Coordinator, (Mobile Shuttle Mock Up Missions - 5,000 students to date)
  • Sixth Grade Science Teacher
  • Rib Mountain Elementary, Wausau (WI) Public Schools

Legal Service: Lathrop & Clark, Madison (Patrick J.G. Stienon) - pro bono



OUTREACH PLAN & Outreach Program Advisors

This grand plan and the team to carry it out were the work of David. A, Dunlop
Unfortunately, Dunlop's work took him out of state, and in the intervening years, the team largely disappeared, with some exceptions for which we remain grateful.

Outreach to Wisconsin Industry - Wisconsin Space Business Roundtable
This will include invitations

  • to bring/send exhibits illustrating their own expertise
  • to cosponsor prizes for school essay and art competitions
  • to cosponsor exhibits for the Lunar Homestead Show
  • Milwaukee Area - Bernie Beemster, Biotronics
  • Green Bay Fox Valley Area - Tia Dutter, Wisc. Space Business Roundtable, Ex. Dir.
  • Madison Area - Tom Crabb, Orbitec
  • Contractor EXHIBITS - Tia Dutter, Wisc. Space Business Roundtable, Ex. Dir.

Outreach to Wisconsin Business - Wisconsin Space Business Roundtable
This will include invitations

  • to sponsor prizes for school essay and art competitions
  • to sponsor production of exhibits for the Lunar Homestead Show
  • Milwaukee Area - Peter Kokh, Home Pride Services
  • Green Bay / Fox Valley Area - George French, Orde Advertising, CEO
  • Madison Area - Patrick Stienem, Lathrop & Clark

Outreach to State Colleges and Universities
This will include invitations

  • to bring/send exhibits illustrating their own research expertise and involvement
  • to assist/direct realization of Lunar Homestead Show Exhibits
  • to contribute to sections of programming relevant to their own expertise, speakers
  • to suggest and promote graduate level involvement in programming
  • to advertise the ISDC to their student and faculty population
  • to participate in hands on technology demonstration projects
  • Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Institutions - Dr. Gary Moore, UWM
  • UW University of Wisconsin (Madison) - Dr. Art Vailas
  • UWM Univ. of Wisc.-Milwaukee - Dr. Gary Moore
  • MU Marquette University, Milwaukee - Dr. Otto Widera
  • MSOE Milwaukee School of Engineering - _________________
  • Other Wisconsin Universities and Colleges - Dr. Steve Dutch, UWGB
  • MATC Milwaukee Area Technical College - _________________

Outreach to Wisconsin Primary and Secondary Schools
This will include invitations

  • to students to enter essay and art competitions with business/industry sponsored prizes
  • to participate in hands on technology projects contributing to the Lunar Homestead Show
  • to students to attend special ISDC programming and workshops and receptions
  • Elementary School Outreach Program Design - Bill Paul, Wausau Schools
  • Middle School Outreach Program Design - Robert Fiedel
  • High School Outreach Program Design - Michael Bolker, Milwaukee Tech

Outreach to Minority Populations
This will consist of special interest topic Essay and Art Competitions, and other gambits

  • Afro-American Outreach Program Design - René Hampton, McNair Elementary
  • Hispanic Outreach Program Design - ________________
  • Native American Outreach Program Design Oneida Tribe contact - Jim Voigt
  • Asian Outreach Program Design -


Conference Committee Team at ISDC '98

George D. French, Jr. - ISDC '98 President

Peter Kokh

    • Call for Papers
    • Speaker Liaison
    • Meal Function Speakers
    • Workshops
  • HOTEL LIAISON - hotel contract details, meal functions
  • All tasks not spoken for

Mark R. Kaehny

    • Myles A. Mullikin - contribute four airline tickets for key speakers who would otherwise not have been able to participate
    • Tom Kehoe - who arranged free audiovisual equipment loans to ISDC '98 from Carthage College
    • Mike Shoemaker - who arranged free audiovisual equipment loans to ISDC '98 from Waukesha East High School
    • Louise Rachel Quigby - Space Pioneer Vegetarian Luncheon consultant
    • Joe Mackowski - Assistant Operations
    • Ricky Leavell
    • Chris Pancratz - arranged scooter for disabled chair
    • Many others who helped make sure that the conference ran smoothly

Charlotte M. Nelson

  • TOURS & Boat Excursion
    • Carol Nelson
    • Carol Nelson
    • Tia Dutter

Robert Bialecki - MEDIA (video and audio taping, publicity)

  • Mike Shoemaker - POSTER ART CONTEST
  • David Bliss - VIDEOTAPING (unofficial)
  • Ben Huset - VIDEOTAPING (unofficial)

Tom Kehoe - AUDIOVISUAL EQUIPMENT (Equipment from Carthage College)

  • Mike Shoemaker (Equipment from Waukesha East High School)

Robert Bramscher




Cheryl Morissette - ART SHOW


The Chair is grateful for and proud of all the hard work and accomplishments of the above persons. My apologies to anyone ommitted from this list. Please contact me so that I can update this list. - Peter Kokh.

The Chair also wishes to thank the many fine speakers who shared their vision and work with us, participating at their own expense. Without them, all the hard work would have been meaningless!



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