81 Speakers Confirmedas of04/05/1998

Note: A handful of previously confirmed speakers on our Februarylist have had to cancel with regrets. But since then we have addedagain as many exciting new speakers. Not on this list are severalmore who are waiting for their personal calendars to clear. Also noton this list is our Sunday Luncheon speaker who is expected to beBuzz Aldrin or Charlie Walker.

Jenine Abarbanel

Greg Allison

Dale Amon

David Anderman

James C. Bennett

Jim Benson

Tom Billings

Alan Binder

Brad Blair

Richard A. Brown

Ray Bula

John Camp

Gay Canough

Guy Consolmagno S.J.

Harry Dace

Pat Dasch (NSS Executive Director)

Peter Diamandis

David Dunlop

Marianne Dyson

Beth Elliot

Duncan Forbes

George French

Nick Fuhrman

Michael Fulda

Bill Gaubatz Update on The Delta Clipper Program

Dan Gauthier (unable to attend atlast minute)

Steve Gillett

James Graham

Bob Gounley (unable to attend at lastminute)

Bill Higgins

Theresa Holmes

Anita Hook

Mark Hopkins (unable to attend atlast minute)

Alex Howerton

Kirby Ikin (NSS Executive Committee Chair)

Margaret Jordan

Terry Kok

Peter Kokh

Ronnie Lajoie

Chuck Lauer

T.D. Lin

Bruce MacKenzie

William Marchant

Charles Miller

Robert Naeye

John W. Norbury

Bill O’Neil

Chris Pancratz

J. Boise Pearson

Jim Plaxco (Cancelled due to lack ofinterest in workshop)

Louise Quigley

Carol Redfield

E. L. Reynolds

Glenn Reynolds (Cancelled. Lastminute conflict)

Richard Richardson

Tim Roberts

Ruth Ross

Simon Rowland

Bennett Rutledge

Andrew Santangelo

David Schrunk

Randall Severy

Diane Sipiera (with Jim Plaxco)(Cancelled due to lack of interest inworkshop)

George Smith

Shirley Smith

J. Michael Snead

Mike Stancati

John Strickland

Ian Randall Strock

Paul Swift

Tihamer Toth-Fejel

Charles S. Tritt

Rick Tumlinson

Bryce Walden (with Cheryl York)

Alan Wasser

Gordon Woodcock

Cheryl York (with Bryce Walden)

Robert Zubrin

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