The Space Entrepreneur Hall ofFame

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The Space Entrepreneur Hall of Fame (SEHOF) is being planned as aSpecial Exhibit Area at ISDC '98 Milwaukee. Its purpose is to useexamples of past and ongoing efforts to stimulate space-interestedindividuals with entrepreneurial aptitudes to put their talents towork while making a living here and now - in all sorts of ways beyondbuilding microsats and micro-launchers.


Categories ofNominations

(1) Visionaries, who foresaw and identified specific economicopportunities (e.g. Arthur C. Clarke: Communications Satellites inGeosynchronous Orbit)

(2) Trailblazers, who took the first concrete steps in some area,even if these steps did not result in a profit-making enterprise, iftheir efforts led to successful efforts by others.

(3) Early Barons, who have made real profits from some endeavor,directly or indirectly related to the opening of the space frontieron economic grounds.


Making Nominations toSEHOF

Individuals and Groups are invited to nominate enterprisingpioneers (individuals or companies) they consider worth of the SpaceEntrepreneur Hall of Fame.


Format Requested forNominations

To submit a Nomination, strict format criteria must be observed -SEHOF contributions need to be durable, lasting well beyond ISDC '98.Storyboards should be on 24"x36" white poster board or thin foamcore*. They must be accompanied by a printed paper (in triplicate,with permission to photocopy on request by ISDC attendees) detailingthe work of the nominee and include a brief biography (no more thanone page), and an abstract of his/her space enterprise related workand its results to date (no more than one page), and an optional moredetailed accounting, illustrated where appropriate, (no setlength).

All contributed physical materials become the property of theLunar Reclamation Society, Inc. Copyrights, however, remain with theindividual contributor.

*Shipping Option: You need send only ALL materials andcaptions to be mounted on the storyboard along with a mounting layoutor map and a check or money order for $10 to "ISDC 98", attentionSEHOF) (italics on) postmarked no later than April 20, 1998 (italicsoff), and we will purchase the poster board or foam core for you anddo the mounting. You need include only one unstapled (use paper clip)copy of the accompanying paper.

One who has pioneered fresh ground in an enterprising attempt,should not be dismissed as unworthy of SEHOF simple because resultsto date have yet to yield "profits", provided that his or her worklays a foundation upon which others might later succeed. Inquiriesabout a proposed nominee are welcome.

To avoid duplicate nominations and promote collaboration, werequest those wishing to make a particular nomination preregistertheir effort with SEHOF, c/o ISDC '98 Milwaukee, address below.


The Call for SEHOFNominations

Requests for Nominations to the Space Entrepreneur Hall of Famewill be mailed to various space organizations known to be concernedwith space enterprise and commercialization. It is also posted on ourweb page. But anyone is welcome to enter a nomination.

Fields of space-relevant effort that tend to be neglected will besuggested. As a community, we tend to wear horse-blinders and not seethe relevance of efforts not directly or obviously related to spacehardware and systems. Producers of books, software, paintings,murals, models, games, films, and other educational, inspirational,or motivating space-topic items produced for profit should not beoverlooked. Caution should be exercised, however, especially relatingto fictional materials that do more to misinform the public about thetrue nature of the space frontier than inform them (e.g. Star Trek,Babylon 5, etc. - in contrast, consider the excellent movie"Plymouth"). The ISDC '98 SEHOF committee may itself make somenominations of entrepreneurs who are overlooked.


ELECTION to the SpaceEntrepreneur Hall of Fame

Attendees at ISDC '98 will have the opportunity to vote fornominees (whose storyboards are on display). This vote will beadvisory to the SEHOF Board of Directors (yet to be chosen) who willthen vote to accept, decline, or postpone nominations.

It is our hope that we will receive dozens of excellentnominations covering a wide spectrum of areas and that these exampleswill stir others to emulate those nominated.

We hope that this SEHOF debut will be the nucleus of an evergrowing exhibit and a traveling feature available to futureISDCs.

updated Dec. 8, 1997


Post ISDC Note:


For more information, write, call, or email:

Peter Kokh, Chair ISDC '98 Milwaukee
1630 N. 32nd Street,
Milwaukee, WI 53208-2040
(414) 342-0705
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