Roommate MatchupService

IF you checked (*) $3 Roommate Matchup Service on yourregistration form and have already registered or are now registeringand have included or will include this fee, you may complete and sendthis form via email to [email protected]

IF you have already registered, but had not included this fee, Printthis page and fill in the following as directed. Include $3 check orM.O. made out to "ISDC '98" Mail separately (from the ISDCregistration form) to:

ISDC '98 Roommate Matchup Servicec/o Bill Katt 8923 43rd Ave,Kenosha WI 53142Name: _____________________________________________Street Address or Box _____________________________City/State/Zip ____________________________________Day Phone ___________________Evening Phone ____________________Email Address __________________________Prior ISDCs? ______________________________________( ) I am willing to share a room which I have ( ), will ( ) register in myname.( ) I have/will make a reservation and have already agreed to share with thefollowing:__________________________,__________________________, and am looking for (circle) 1, 2 additional persons( ) I am willing to share a room already registered to another person.( ) You may give my contact information to others with whom you have matchedme.Circle sex: M  F (some people have unisex names and we don’t want to have toguess!) Roommates will be found on a same gender basis. If you are comfortablewith, and desire, mixed gender arrangements, please make these on your own. Weare not a blind date service.Preference: ( ) non-smoking; ( ) smokers okay. We regret that it is toodifficult to guarantee a matchup based on other preferences ("non-snorers","morning people only", "under 30 only", etc.). Bear in mind that you all DOhave something in common: a deep interest in space and in mankind's future."Packing" Options: (rank in order of preference, 1, 2, 3, etc. as many choicesas apply)( ) one other person in single king size bed (king room) (= 2 to a room)( ) one other person in other double bed (double double room) (= 2 to a room)( ) two other persons in other double bed (double double) (= 3 to a room)( ) three other roommates, two to each double bed (= 4 to a room)( ) willing to host an extra with sleeping bag on floor( ) willing to bring sleeping bag and sleep on floor Nights you expect to be at the hotel: Wed ( ); Thu ( ); Fri ( ); Sat ( ); Sun( ); Mon ( )Keep in mind that the published $78 room rate is prior to the addition ofapplicable taxes, and that this rate will be available after May 1st (roomblock release date) only on a space available basis and via the hotel's local(414)-276-1234 number. You should use the 800-233-1234 number only throughApril 30th.Mail-in requests for roommate matchup will be accepted through a May 3postmark. If we cannot find you one or more roommates, your $3 application feewill be refunded, unless you wish to waive ( ) this refund and donate the feeto the conference. This service is offered on a first come, first servedbasis, per gender. Last minute matchup requests will be handled as best as possible at the ISDCServices Desk at the Conference.
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