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VIDEOS shot by Verona, WI CableAccess

During the 1998 ISDC in Milwaukee, a cable access company nearMadison, Wisconsin, looking for interesting filler programming, tapeda number of sessions at the conference. These videos have now beenmade available to the Lunar Reclamation Society, and we are makingthem available to you.

Formats Available:

To order any 2 of the 22videos below, simply send a check/money order for $6 U.S. madeout to:

"Robert Bialecki"

and mail it to:

Allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.

Those who live outside the United States should inquire first asto the appropriate amount.

Getting Into Space - 5 videos

The Moon - 7 videos

Mars - 6 videos

Europa & Beyond - 5 videos

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VIDEOS shot by DavidBliss

Videos on the topics below can be aquired in two ways:

The times listed by each event lets you figure out how manytapes your request will fill.

These formats only are available:


"David Bliss"


"Menu of Space Related Opportunities" - Peter Kokh

"Starting Space Business Ventures" - Greg Allison

"FINDS: A Fund For Research and Prizes" - David Anderman

"Introduction to the Artemis Project" (partial) - Ian RandalStrock

"Near Earth Asteroid Prospector"

"Returning To The Moon In Style: The Artemis Reference Mission" -Boise Pearson

"Toward Modular Biospherics" - Peter Kokh

"Village Of Tomorrow" - Theresa Holmes

"Potential Of Commercial Plant Research Conducted In Space" - RayBula

"Crop & Menu Variety In Early Settlements"

"Space Food: Mercury to the Shuttle" - Eric Ryden

"History Of Lunar Prospector" - Alan Binder, Gay Canough, PeterKokh, Rick Tumlinson

"LunaCorp's Mission To The Moon" - Rick Tumlinson

AIRSEDS-Student Tether Project - Andrew Santangelo

"Making Cement On The Moon" - T. D. Lin

"Lunar Prospector Findings"

"Private Lunar Sample Missions" (beginning missing)

"Exploring Lava Tubes In Oregon" (missing start)

"The Utility Of Lava Tubes On Other Worlds"

"Inflatable Luna/Mars Structures" - Jenine Abarbanel

"Perks For Extended Duty" - Peter Kokh

"Brainstorming A South Polar Lunar Base"

"The Revolution In Grass Roots Space Politics" Plenary - CharlesMiller, Joe Gillen, Ramsom Mullor, Margot Decker

"The Real Reason For Going Into Space" - Paul Swift

"Re-contextualizing The Solar System - Space Exploration And HumanValues" - Richard Poss

"Astor Project" - Andrew Santangelo

"Space Stock Surfers Investment Club" - Alex Howerton

"Case For Mars Reference Mission" - Bruce Mackenzie

"Homesteading Mars" - Bruce Mackenzie

"One Way To Mars-A Permanent Settlement On The First Mission" -Bruce Mackenzie

"A Mars Calendar" - Robert Zubrin

"Terraforming Mars" - James Graham

"Project Galileo" [Banquet]

NSS Awards Ceremony

"The Colonization Of Mars" / Introduction To The Mars Society -Robert Zubrin

Foundry Results - Greg Allison

NSS Town Meeting - The Membership

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AUDIO Tapes of Meal FunctionTalks


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