Call for Papers, ISDC'98

The ISDC '98 Committee invites abstracts for Papers, or proposalsto moderate panels (the moderator to identify and secure the presenceof the proposed panelists), in all fields. The subject must bestrongly relevant to space development and/or habitation and have afuture-oriented approach. Economic, sociological, legal, financialand cultural topics are as appropriate as engineering, scientific,architectural, biological, and other technical topics. Diversity andinnovation are sought. Papers which indicate avenues of activity forConference attendees will be favored. Hence we strongly encourageprospective presenters to choose topics that will fit in theISDC '98 Program Synopsis

The abstracts must be in English. They may be submitted in eitherhardcopy or electronic form, and should estimate the word length ofthe paper, and/or the estimated delivery time of the presentation.Those submitting accepted abstracts will be invited to send thecomplete Papers for selection for presentation or for postersessions. Those choosing to present from notes with the assistance ofviewgraphs or slides without an accompanying paper, will not havetheir presentation published in the ISDC Proceedings (see below).

Complete contact information must be supplied: postal address;telephone number; email address if you have one; fax number if youhave one.

Two proceedings volumes are anticipated.


Under no circumstances will oral presentations be transcribed forinclusion in the Proceedings. Inclusion in either the bound volume orin the photocopied supplement, for papers accepted on review of theabstract, is entirely at the initiative of the submitter, meeting thedeadlines posted above, and following the submission formatinstructions given in the links.

Presenters are encouraged to submit, at their earliest convenience,the following items for publication in the ISDC '98 Program Book:

Speakers are encouraged to registerearly for the conference.

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