IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PRE-REGISTERED, you will receive this form in the mail.IF YOU ARE REGISTERING NOW, you can include optional meal orderNOTE: IF you require a Vegetarian Alternative or low sodium, write a “V” or“LS” next to the #of tickets for each meal.THURSDAY RECEPTION - May21Carved ham, rolls with Crisp vegetable/dip platterVIPs on hand TBD$10 TICKET# of tickets ____ Subtotal ________Post ISDC Note: We failed to have someone taking tickets and a lot of peoplewho did not pay crashed this reception, perhaps thinking it was free. As a resultseveral people who did pay, found the food all gone when they arrived. FRIDAY LUNCHEON - May 22 (choose one)[  ]  Baked Lasagna (meat or vegetable)[  ]  Baked WhitefishJim Benson on NEAP: Near Earth Asteroid Prospector, Private EnterpriseMission -KEYNOTE$20 TICKET# of tickets ____ Subtotal ________FRIDAY DINNER - May 22 (choose one)[  ]  Southwest Chicken [  ]  Roasted Sirloin of BeefRick Tumlinson, President of the Space Frontier FoundationStudent Competition Awards in Essay, Fiction, Lyrics, Art, ComputerSimulations, Lunar Fashion$30 TICKET# of tickets ____ Subtotal ________SATURDAY BREAKFAST with the NSS Board - May 23Buffet: juices, fresh fruit, croissants, danish, muffins, preserves, coffeeKirby Ikin, Chair NSS Executive Committee, Pat Dasch NSS Executive Director$10 TICKET# of tickets ____ Subtotal ________SATURDAY LUNCHEON “Space Pioneer Vegetarian Buffet” - May 23  Be realistic, folks, meat will be a rarity on the space frontier for sometime to come.  Take the plunge into the “Space Pioneer Experience” and sample ourimaginative mood-setting buffet!
Al Binder, Principal Investigator for Lunar Prospector $25 Ticket# of tickets ____ Subtotal ________Post ISDC Note: 120 adventurous souls found the meal surprisingly delicious.SATURDAY EVENING PICNIC/CRUSIE COMBO (OUTSIDE HOTEL) - May 23Midwestern Picnic Fare Buffet at the Third Street Pier (3 blocks fromhotel)(Indoors if weather warrants)Followed by River/Harbor (Lake Michigan) Excursion Cruise on the Edelweiss(all enclosed)$25 TICKET (meal and cruise together)# of tickets ____ Subtotal ________Post ISDC Note: a sold out boat of 100 very happy peopleSUNDAY LUNCHEON - May 24Sub Shop Buffet: assorted meats, cheeses, shredded vegies; strudel; coffeeBuzz Aldrin of Apollo 11, Chair NSS Board, probable as of 3/13/98$20 TICKET# of tickets ____ Subtotal ________Post ISDC Bote: Buzz spoke on his SpaceShare program.SUNDAY BANQUET & AWARDS PRESENTATIONS - May 24Hot Entre Doublet, salad, desert (choose one of the following combos)[  ]  “Coop & Coast” Chicken Breast and Salmon Fillet combo[  ]  “Ranch & Roost” Tenderloin of Beef and Grilled Chicken Breast comboBill O’Neil, Project Manager of Galileo$40 TICKET# of tickets ____ Subtotal ________TOTAL MEAL FUNCTION ORDER $__________Post ISDC Note: All advertised speakers DID make itand there talks were all well received.The Hyatt cuisine was very delicious and well prepared.We had one letter rebuking us for gouging on the prices. But the prices were set by the hotel. This is their way of making money so they could give usall the function space "free of charge", thereby allowing us to hold downconference registration fee to a very low level.ISDC '98 Registration | ISDC Home | Main Menu