The Lunar Homestead Show wasplanned as a special exhibit area at ISDC'98 Milwaukee. It's purpose is to illustrate anddemonstrate some the technologies by which future pioneers, in anoutpost on its way to becoming a settlement, will make themselves athome on the moon, the first Lunans. The emphasis will be on what willbe different about lunar homes yet how homelike resourcefulLunans might make them.

We encourage contributions of “poster papers” and“Story Board” displays and or models of your own variousconceptions. There are no exhibitor fees or hanging fees forcontributions to this exhibit area. Address inquiries aboutcontributing to the Lunar Homestead Show to [email protected]

As conceived, the show will have these features:

Associated Events: Post ISDC Note:Neither of the events below took place for lack ofparticipants

Associated Workshops:

The purpose of the Lunar Homestead Show is to bring to life theconcept of "living off the land" and illustrate that it is feasibleand realistic to expect pioneers to succeed in making themselves athome, expressing themselves in the media of their environment, justas pioneers on Earth have always succeeded in doing upon moving intonew lands.

We can use help from anyone with engineering, artistic, craft, orproject management talent. We can use financial help too! There is alot to do to make the Lunar Homestead Show a success.

If successful, and if sponsors provide continuing support, the LunarReclamation Society would like to take the Lunar Homestead Show onthe road, to become an ISDC regular or frequent feature.

How YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE to the Lunar Homestead Show.

Post ISDC Note: The Lunar HomesteadExhibit we were actually able to field was much smaller than the onewe had dreamed about putting together. Our efforts to farm outvarious components generally did not work, and locally, we wereunable to generate interest until the needed lead time had slippedby. Nonetheless the ISDC '98 Exhibit Room received high marks fromattendees, and several "down payments" on the Lunar Homestead Exhibitwere built and on display. See items: "Z-vue",Moon Bricks, Moon Manor and LunarPainting. We hope to add more displaysto the Lunar Homestead Exhibit, and take the show on the road tofuture conferences and other events, but this has nothappened.

Peter Kokh1630 N. 32nd StreetMilwaukee WI 53208-2040(414) 342-0705 (6-8 am, 6-10 pm, Central)email all LHS inquiries to [email protected]
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