The National SpaceSociety's 17th Annual

International SpaceDevelopment Conference

May 22-25, 1998 - Milwaukee,Wisconsin

Register& Attend to enter drawing forfree ride to space!

(Won by Gary (Gerhard) Gross of Racine,Wisconsin)


"Space Under Development"

Host Chapter - LRS

Principal Sponsor

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Come to Milwaukee, Wisconsin forthe National Space Society's 17th Annual International SpaceDevelopment Conference

May 21st-25th,1998

List of 82 confirmedspeakers

List of 48cosponsors

ISDC '98's theme: "Space: UnderDevelopment"

Conference Program Sessions

Moon, Mars, Europa and Asteroids
Low and Geosync Earth Orbit Opportunities
Biosphereics and Green Engineering
Human Factors Engineering
Chemical Engineering, Forgotten Essential
Space Energy:He3,Solar Power,Power Relay
Robotics, Telerobotics and Teleoperation

Educational Exhibits and Activities

The Lunar Homestead Show
UW-Milwaukee's Space Architecture exhibits
Three Rooms for Workshops only!
Essay, art, design competition prize exhibits
Space Frontier Art Show
Lunar Fashion Show at Sunday Banquet
"Broadray" - Space lyrics to Show Tunes at a Piano Bar

Pro-Space Involvement and PublicOutreach

Talks and workshops with a very wide menuselection for those who want to work either in group or solitaryefforts to increase public awareness and appreciation of spacebenefits.

Special Tours andAttractions

En Route Attractions

Hotel andTravel Information

ISDC '98 on a budget

ISDC '98 MilwaukeeRegistration Form

Next years Confrence, ISDC '99,Houston, TX

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