What's Happening inMilwaukee,

May 20th-28th,1998


Here is a potpouri of interesting things going on in Milwaukeethrough the ISDC Period.


Humphrey IMAX DomeTheater (3 blocks west of Hyatt) (414)319-4629
1) "Africa: the Serengeti" - Never before have audiences seensuch beauty and drama on the IMAX screen. Giraffes, hippos, lions andan amazing migration of over a million wildebeasts make "Africa: theSerengeti" one of the most colorful and dynamic films ever made.
2) "Everest" - An inspirational and spell-binding film of aninternational team of climbers who found hope, beatty, and triumph inthe wake of tragedy. Welcome to the "Top of the World"!

Milwaukee Public Museum (4blocks west of Hyatt)
* Special Exhibit "German American Educators"
* Special Exhibit "Dinosaur Families" - Dinosaur eggs andmassive bones and skeletons set the stage for learning how80-million-year-old dinosaurs nested and cared for their young. Ahighlight of this travelling exhibit is the skeleton of a 23-footlong mother maissaur feeding her 14 babies in a crowded nest. Roboticmodels bring the dinosaurs to life with moving parts. The life-sizedmodels are based on actual fossils and were prepared in closecollaboration with leading paleontologists. (414) 278-2700

Skylight Opera:"Once On This Island"
In the wake of a storm, island villagers comfort a frightened littlegirl by telling the story of a peasant girl, a rich boy, andimpossible love. This contemproary musical blends myth and realitywith a Caribbean beat in ninety minutes of non-stop celebration.Skylight Opera Theatre (414) 291-7800 (10 blocks SE of Hyatt)
Cream City Calligrophers
Two and three dimensional designs on unique surfaces including carvedrock, painted silk and cut paper. VillaTerrace Decorative Arts Museum (2 miles NE of Hyatt) (414)271-3656

East Side Gallery District Walk
"Building community through the arts" - six galleries within walkingdistance on the historic East Side: (Begin at) CharlesAllis Art Museum (414) 278-8295, David Burnett Gallery, TheGallery, Ltd., Leenhouts Gallery, Uihlein-Peters Gallery, andVillaTerrace Decorative Arts Museum (2 miles NE of Hyatt)

Under the Big Top
The Schoenhut Company was founded by Albert Schoenhut in 1872. Hecame from a family of wood carvers and toy makers of Wurttemberg,Germany. Mr. Schoenhut created a special hinged joint that allowedhis toys and dolls to move in a more "human-like" way. Products weresold in finer stores and by his catalog. The Schoenhut Circusfeatured all the characters, animals and props featured in TravellingCircus, The exhibit will showcase the Schoenhut Circus from thecollection of Bill Zito, and dolls and toys from the collection ofBetty and Quentin O'Sullivan. Captain Frederick PabstMansion (414) 931-0808 (mile plus west of Hyatt on WisconsinAve.)

African-American Sesquicentennial
150 years of African-American contribution: folk dolls, quilts, folksculptures, turned wood, jewelry and more. CharlesAllis Art Museum (414) 278-8295 (2 miles NE of Hyatt)

A Passion for Porcelain: Three Centuries of Meissen FloralPainting
Haggerty Museum of Art, MarquetteUniversity (414) 288-1669 (1 mile WSW of the Hyatt
(Also on campus, a reconstruction of a 15th century French Chapel inwhich Joan of Arc prayed)

Jim Iserman, Nestor Quinones, Phillippe Parreno
UWM Institute of VisualArts (414) 229-5070 (3 miles NE of Hyatt)

through May 25
"Spring Rhapsody" Floral show in the show dome MitchellPark Domes - a tripleBiosphere-like preview of space frontier settlements (414)649-9830

May 20-21
1998 ITEC Expo
Wisconsin's biggest, most-complete information technology expo! Getthe lowdown on the latest hardware, software, services and more.Mecca Convention Hall 10 am- 4pm (414) 271-4000 (across street fromHyatt) - Post ISDC NOTE: The Mecca facility wastorn down after ISDC and has been replaced by the larger, newer,grander Midwest Express Center

May 20-21
MilwaukeeBrewers vs. San Francisco Giants
Milwaukee County Stadium, 3 miles west of Hyatt on I-94 Wednesday7:05 pm; Thursday 12:05 pm - (414) 345-3000Post ISDC NOTE: The Milwaukee County Stadiumhas since been razed and replaced by Miller Park immediately to theSE in the old centerfield parking lot. The new Park has a retractableroof.

May 21-24
Milwaukee Ballet"The Tempest" - Emmy Award-winning production. A visualextravaganza with breathtaking scenery, spectacular special effectsand exquisite costumes. Marcus Center for the Performing Arts (2blocks east of Hyatt), Uihlein Hall: Thurs 7.30 pm; Fri & Sat 8pm; Sun 1:30 and 7:30 pm. (414) 6432-7677

May 22
Milwaukee Mustangs Arena Football vs. New Jersey Red Dogs
Bradley Center (1 block north of Hyatt) 7:30 pm (414) 272-1555

May 22-25
Wisconsin Arabian Desert Horse Show
See the state's finest Arabian Desert horses. Judging of the majesticArabians includes a division of ornately costumed riders andornamented, track. WiscconsinState Fair Park (414) 266-7000 (5 miles west of Hyatt, I-94at 84th Street)

May 23
Milwaukee Public Museum- rated # 1 in exhibits in the country(4 blocks west of Hyatt)
Special Exhibit "Illustrated History of Negro LeaguesBaseball"

May 26th "Space Day" (Day after ISDC '98)
James Lovell will be here for the official dedication of NorthSeventh Street as North James Lovell Street.
At James A. Lovell DiscoveryWorld Museum (Part of Museum/IMAX complex 3 blocks west ofHyatt)
Coordinated space activities and exhibits.

May 26th
MilwaukeeBrewers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
Milwaukee County Stadium, 3 miles west of Hyatt on I-94 7:05 pm;Thursday 12:05 pm - (414) 345-3000Post ISDCNOTE: The Milwaukee County Stadium has since been razed and replacedby Miller Park immediately to the SE in the old centerfield parkinglot. The new Park has a retractable roof.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Milwaukee! Do come again.


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