An Official Event of the Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Celebration 1848-1998

Cosponsors as of3|14|98

Links curent as of 9|24|2002


Ann Arbor Space Society (MI)
Artemis Society International (AL)
Artemis Society - Milwaukee (WI)
Austin Space Frontier Society (TX)
Badger Space Society (WI)
Canadian Space Society
Carthage College (WI)
Cernan Space Center (IL)
Chicago Society for Space Studies (IL)
Chicago Space Frontier Society L5 (IL)
Clear Lake Space Society (TX)
Colorado Springs Space Society (CO)
Copernicus Construction Company (WI)
Cuyahoga Valley Space Society (OH)
Deschuttes Space Frontier Society (OR)
East Tenneseee Space Society (TN)
Charles Z. Horwitz Planetarium (WI)
House of Tomorrow Project (CO)
Huntsville Alabama L5 Society - HAL5
Illinois North Shore NSS (IL)
Illini Space Development Society
Institute for the Social Science Study of Space (WV)
Institute for Teloperated SpaceDevelopment (OR)
LAAMP - Lunar Appropriate Art Media Pioneers (WI)
League of the New Worlds (FL)
Lunar Enterprise Association


LUNAX - Lunar Nationall Agric. Experiment (WI)
Midwest Space Development Corporation (OH)
Minnesota Space Frontier Society (MN)
Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Chapter (CA)
NSS Education Chapter (NY)
NSS North Jersey (NJ)
Oklahoma Space Alliance (OK)
Oregon L5 Society (OR)
Oregon Moonbase (OR)
Philadelphia Area Space Alliance (PA)
Planetary Studies Foundation (IL)
ProSpace - Citizens' Space Agenda
San Antonio Space Society (TX)
Save me a Seat To Orbit (SSTO) Project (CO)
The Science of Laws Institute
SEDS: Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Sheboygan Space Society (WI)
Space Frontier Foundation (NY)
Space Nursing Society
Tucson Space Society (AZ)
United Societies in Space (CO)
UW Space Explorers (WI)
Wehr Astronomical Society (WI)
Wisconsin Center for Space Automation & Robotics
Wisconsin Space Business Roundtable
Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium

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