since ISDC '98, Civilian Astronaut Corp & Mayflower Expeditions have had to acknowledge that the needed funds were not materializing. The corporation has been disolved. To the credit of CEO Harry Dace, he refunded all "flight memberships" collected to date, in full, setting a very good precedent for the Space Tourist Industry.

It is our firm expectation in the Lunar Reclamation Society, that eventually, Tourist flights to Space will become a reality.

Let's all keep the Faith! "Rome was not builtin a day!" 

ISDC '98Milwaukee

Register & Attend

to enter drawing for freeride into space!

Drawing won by Gary (Gerhard) Gross,

Civil Air Patrol Leader from

Racine, Wisconsin

Congratulations, Gary!

See Update Above

Sorry, Gary!

Civilian Astronaut Corps of Houston, Texas, which is gearing up to take paying tourists to the fringe of space on suborbital launches, has made one free Flight Membership ($3,500 value) available to ISDC '98 for a drawing on Sunday night, the last evening of the conference. CAC's Mayflower Expeditions will be using a rockets and ground support equipment manufactured and administered by Advent Launch Services. The launches are scheduled to begin July 4, 1999.

To be eligible you must be registered with ISDC '98 and, at the conference, fill out a no obligation informational coupon. The coupons will be put in a box or drum and a winner picked by a random drawing. CAC will get the database compiled from these coupons. Those who register "at-the-door" are also eligible.

The prize is a free seat aboard flight #50. So come to ISDC '98 in Milwaukee, Memorial Day Weekend, and you just may win a free ride to space and earn your very own astronaut wings, experience several minutes of weightlessness, see the black skies of space, the beautiful curve of Earth from 100 kilometers, 60 miles up, and have a lifetime of thrilling memories.

Harry Dace of CAC will be presenting at ISDC '98 on his company's tourist efforts on Friday afternoon.

Disclaimers: If CAC flights do not materialize or do not extend through flight #50, CAC is under no obligation to offer a substitute prize of equal or any value. Neither ISDC '98, the Lunar Reclamation Society, nor the National Space Society in any way guarantee CAC performance on this offer.

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