Space Frontier ArtShow

ISDC ‘98 will feature a “Space Frontier ArtShow”.
This will be a subject-limited juried art show.
The ISDC ‘98 Space Frontier Art Show Director is Bill Burt(414) 762-9315.

Welcome art will include astronomical and planetary art, artisticdepictions of past and present unmanned and manned space activities,and reasonably realistic fictional representations of the openingseveral decades of the space frontier: i.e. spacecraft, surfacevehicles, planetary expiditions, outposts, and early settlements.Humorous treatment is welcome. 3D art is also welcome.

“Fantasy” art, or of media science fiction inspired art,will not be accepted.

Pieces may be submitted for show only, marked NFS (not for sale), orfor sale on terms determined by the artist: e.g. set price (firstcome first served), or posted bid by deadline (Sunday evening, pickupMonday morning) over a minimum price set by the artist. There will beno auction.

Prints are welcome in the Art Show Print Shop.

We expect a brisker market for moderately priced works bynon-professional artists.

HANGING FEES for the ISDC '98 Space Frontier Art Show:
$0.50 per piece for pieces under 14"x17",
$1.00 for pieces over 14"x17".
Apply the same standard to the footprint of 3-D items
needing table space.
Pieces Not for Sale (NFS) will be $1.00 also.

Paintings or prints should be matted or framed.

Pegboard Hanging Panels are 4' wide, 8' tall.
Limit two panels per person.

Check [ ] professional, [ ] amateur, [ ]student.

List media used, and title piece.
If a print, list squence in print run.
You may set a fixed sale price (first come first served)
or minimum sale price (highest posted bid by cuttoff time).

Make checks payable to "ISDC '98"
with "Art Show Fees" on the Memo Line.

MAIL-IN ART: must arrive in Milwaukee by May 20, 1998(Wednesday). Late
arrivals will not be hung. Send your art in a reuseable shippingcontainer or
box and remember to pack it carefully, using rolled or crushednewspaper for
packing. If the contents move when the package is shaken, repack it .Place
unprinted paper between individual pieces to prevent damage fromrubbing or
shifint. Include in your check return mostage, including insurance.Assume
that the return postage will be the same as the amount you are payingto send
it, in the event no items are sold. Any overage will be reembursedalong with
a check for sales earnings, by mid-June, i.e. two weeks after theevent.
Indicate your shipping preference (U.S. parcel post, UPS, etc.).

PRINT SHOP: Limit of 6 titles per artist - limit of 10prints per title. Art tends to sell
better if matted. Shrink Wrap recommended. Print Shop fees: flat feeof $1.00
per title (ie. covers up to 10 pieces of same title). mark the saleprice on
the back of each piece on the right hand corner.

ISDC '98 Space Frontier Art Show
c/o Charlotte Nelson
1 Creative Way
Pewaukee, WI 53072
(414) 466-2081(h)
(414) 523-2000 (w)

ART SHOW DIRECTOR'S ADDRESS: (Information only, no mail-inart, please)
Bill Burt
126 Memorial Drive, Apt. 10
South Milwaukee, WI 53172
(414) 762-9315 (after 4pm Central)

ART SHOW HOURS (in Regency AB)
Set-up times: Thursday 3-10 pm; Friday 8-10 am
Public Viewing: 10 am - 6 pm, Fri-Sun
Tear-down Monday 10:30 am
Pick-up of items purchased Monday 10:30 am - 1 pm.
(Those departing earlier, make appointment with art showdirector)

Further information [email protected]

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